Graphic Design Class: Logos

Research is SO important when designing a logo. When I begin to think about a logo, the first step is to gather some information on the logo’s purpose. What is the logo for? A business, individual, cause, or just for fun? What should the mood feel like? Professional, cute, fancy, casual, rugged, crisp, or a combination of a few moods?

If the logo is for a client, I ask if he or she has any favorite logos or inspiration (most people do). And I collect logo inspirations of my own and refer to them for each new project, just to get my brain working and imagining what I want the logo to look like. It’s also helpful to do a quick Google search for similar institutions or businesses to that of my client because I want the new logo to be unique!

Once I have a little inspiration, I take a pencil and paper and sketch out a few ideas.


The next step is to get the design in digital form on my computer, so I usually scan the sketches and convert them into vectors (a digital drawing that can be edited and enlarged so I can make it just how I want it to look). I use Adobe design software to change colors and fonts and draw graphics or edit the original sketch. This step can be complicated, but eventually the logo will look something like this:


Here is an Adobe Illustrator Tutorial on logo design:



Click on the Pinterest link below to visit a logo inspiration board:


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